Monday, April 15, 2013

A Model Evening

Tonight I had a serious modeling epic fail. I chose a pose which seemed fine, held it with no issues for the first 30 minutes. But as I started the second session, I knew there was a problem. Pain started sparking all though out my lower body and my right shoulder. Next thing I knew, I had lost feeling in the inside of my right leg. Not like it went numb but like I had nerve damage. No worries, it's happened before; it's a pinched nerve in my back which means about three days from now I'll feel it again. But in the meantime, my right arm fell asleep, but just enough so that I didn't realize it until I went to get up and punched myself in the face every time I tried to put my robe back on. Then Ministry of Silly Walks for 5 minutes while I try to get feeling back. Now rinse and repeat for the next two hours. Which all wouldn't be so bad, except this is a two week pose! Fail!

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