Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Graduate

Tonight I had an interesting exchange with my father. He was talking about a former teacher in college and said something to the effect of she was 40 and had a couple of kids but she was still beautiful. I asked him why he felt the need to qualify that she was still beautiful despite being a whopping 40 years old and realizing his error he back-peddled a little and said he meant that's he thought when he was in college. I was intrigued because he said it not to hurt or shock me but without thinking about it, in an unguarded moment. Now I realize my Dad grew up pre "The Graduate" before Anne Bancroft made sex with students sexy. (Only the legal ones ladies, under 21 is not ok)  and I also know he finds older women very attractive now in his sixties but it still gave me pause. So I wonder, at what age do men think women aren't beautiful anymore. Or at what age are men surprised a woman is "still beautiful." Ladies, are we guilty of this ourselves? Also, as this is the second time this week a male member of my family has said something mildly to severely offensive about women to me, I am officially not a woman to my family. Maybe that's why the GOP keeps throwing their spouses under the legislative bus. "That's no woman, that's my wife!"

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