Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On The Brink

I have held off on any political postings of late because I had nothing good to say and because I like so many have watched in numb disbelief the continued ineptitude which daily I thought would be righted by our all mighty checks and balances system however today I woke with a sense of foreboding and defeat fearing that for my fiance's birthday which this year has the distinction of falling on the debt ceiling deadline, he along with the rest of us would be gifted a crippling debt and a country thrown into chaos by the will of the few, a corrupt minority who's endgame and tactics continue to baffle me. Moreover, I cannot overcome the sense of helplessness which has been spreading like a pox over the last several elections as I've watched my reproductive rights repeatedly called into question, the marital rights of my friends and loved ones repeatedly put to heated public discourse, legitimate rape, the end of affirmative action, Creationism and Christianity as required learning, the systematic stripping of rights earned, fought for and hard won by our predecessors all while fighting fervently for the right to stockpile weapons and violate each other in the name of some misguided frontier notion of self preservation. Whatever your feelings about socialized medicine and national healthcare, which ironically the Affordable Care Act is neither, it is clear that this fervent push to defund a program made law three years ago has nothing to do with the will or welfare of the people whom our representatives claim to represent. While the wealthy one percentage mock and misinform, and change the rules to get their way, we pay for it again and again. Private citizens and philanthropists are opening national sites where the government has failed. I don't know how to overcome this feeling of helplessness and rage, mirrored by so many. How can we fix this? And how are so many still supporting the actions of this House of Reprehensibles? You can no longer claim ignorance. And for those who have told me "if you don't like it, get out of the country," guess what, the world is watching, and they don't want us. Once we were the protector on the international playground, then we were the bully and now we are the nameless victims, beaten and ridiculed by our own family.

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