Saturday, January 5, 2013


I’ve been thinking about God, the Universe, Karma and all things divine lately.   I am facing some pretty scary things, fallout from my past which is still lingering like a little dingle berry on the adorably dimpled butt of an otherwise perfect ass  though ironically I am also happier, healthier and more satisfied in my life and my path than I have been in years. Wait, did I just call myself an ass?   Ah well, I suppose that is the way of things.  The path is never easy or clear…or maybe it’s never easy or clear for me.  

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a staunchly undecided Universalist Agnostic.  Clear as mud, eh? Ok, I believe in a higher power though I am never comfortable with the very limiting label of “God”.  Too many things attach to that nom de plume.  I think everyone has it a little right and a lot wrong.  I do think there is an intelligent energy or entity, call it love, that surrounds and protects us, wishes the best for us and occasionally comes to visit in a form which the viewer can recognize and understand.  

But as I was considering this idea, I started to wonder about something.  If we are truly made in the image and form of this divine parent, then does God enjoy the same things we do?  

Does she laugh at Guilty Dog?  Does she secretly play solitaire then quickly change her screen as soon as one of the seraphim walks in?  Does she enjoy bad karaoke and good pasta?  Does she ever take eternal duckface pictures which no human may look upon?

And does her heart break as ours do when we see humans hurting one other in her name?  Does she feel the frustration of inadequate gun control and ineffective medical care?  Does she have time to keep up or does she too get her news from Jon Stewart and Twitter?

How often have you had to ask yourself, how will my mother feel about this, my father?  Will my family still love me, support me?  Will my friends turn away? 

And how often have we asked God’s forgiveness without asking it of our friends, our family, ourselves?  I know we are all flawed versions of something greater than ourselves, but perhaps the closest we can get to God isn’t to try and live by some outdated doctrine or xenophobic guideline.  Perhaps the truest representation of your God, Universe, Love, Nirvana, Heaven on Earth or whatever is simply to think if God’s heart also beats as yours, do you really want to break it?  Act in a way which makes you proud and happy and stop arguing about who is the most right.  Who the hell cares?  You won’t win God’s approval for being the most right.  You already have it; your job is to live like you want it. 

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