Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dying to Be Happy

Why is it so often we need a near death experience or a loss to finally let go and get happy?  We spend copious amounts of time working away at the office, to make faceless corporations bucket of money while our love, home, family and friendships are put on the shelf to be dealt with when time allows.  Several years ago, I nearly died and afterward, I made it my mission to tell everyone I loved how much they meant to me.  But time passes and those feelings of immediacy fade and suddenly you realize you are back in the same rut until some other tragedy occurs; some other horrible wake up call to remind you of your mortality and the fleeting time we have to make an impact on this little planet.  

I know it is cliché to say, live every day like it is your last.  Cliché…and kind of dangerous.  Because if I knew today would be my last day, I wouldn’t show up for work.  I would give away my car.  I would max out my credit cards so I could take a trip round the world and die in Tahiti.  And then tomorrow would come and I’d be penniless, homeless and probably kind of naked.  

So instead, I think we should live every day like it is the last day of a best friend; someone you love, admire, respect.  Someone who you want to spend time with, someone you want to make proud.  And when realize that you should care as much about being happy for yourself as you do for your best friend.  Celebrate that your better self didn’t die today.  Honor that, always.     

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