Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Path

My best friend once gave me some wonderful advice given her...I don't recall the original source. But it was at a time of major crossroads for me. She said, "Go out and be fabulous. Do all the things you want to do and be as busy as you can be doing what you love to do. And then, look to your left and right to see who is there beside you and those are the people you should keep in your life. Here is where you shall find your friends, your loved ones and perhaps even someone with whom to share your life." If they aren't wanting to run beside you, then they shall be left behind or shall head off onto their own path, and it is not our job to follow nor to lead, but to live our lives as we want. That doesn't mean we must be alone nor that everyone we care for has to share the same path, but we mustn't compromise our own dreams beyond the point of recognition. We don't owe that to anyone. And I think it is important to recognize the difference between a friend and an aquaintance. Always remember, treat yourself as a best friend. Would you ask your best friend to give up her dreams because they aren't yours or would you try to find a way to be supportive even if you don't agree or even understand? We have to be our own advocates. We have to be our own best friends. And we have to seek friends and lovers who will compliment us not change us. The key is in finding someone who is already on your path. Isn't it easier to look for something where it already exists? Take a moment to look at your path, enjoy the beauty that is there, all around you and then ask the man or woman to your left or right, would you care to join me?

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