Monday, October 31, 2011

Ten, make that Twelve Things I Like About...Me

1. I like my little elfin ears…and the fact that now you all want to see if it’s true. It is.

2. I like my eyes; that they can shift from a deep brooding blue when it’s dark or I’m thoughtful to gray when I’m angry. And they are startling in the sunlight (and crazy if I look directly at the camera).

3. I like my small hands which mirror my spirit. They are fragile and delicate like a child’s but weathered and scarred having seen labor, love and loss and they are surprisingly strong.

4. I like my sense of humor and my robust laugh. It is as is so much of me too big, too loud and often out of place, but still it is an asset and an infectious one at that.

5. I like the little mole on my nose which looks remarkably like a piercing rendering it inherently cooler, especially since it cannot be removed without causing more damage. I call it my witchy wart and the source of my power.

6. I like my smile. It is crooked and gummy and not in any way classically beautiful. But it is genuine and mine and is an open invitation to the world to celebrate joy. And best of all, most of the time the invitation is accepted.

7. For several reasons, I like my sexy little mole which resides right at the crook of my left hip. One, it is a trait shared by all the women in my family and as I resemble no one in my family, I always like that we had that commonality. Two, it is tucked away, a bit of mystery which makes me feel sensual and feminine. Three, few have gazed upon it, even fewer have pressed their lips to it and of those afforded that privilege, I have no regrets.

8. I like that though I have been hurt over the years, intentionally or un, I have chosen to forgive those who transgressed against me and in doing so I have made misery a decision not a state of being. I also pray that those I’ve transgressed against offer me grace.

9. I like that I’m smart…and articulate…and yet cannot seem to master spell check.

10. I like that I am a muse; that I see in others the potential they may not see in themselves and that once reflected back, they become this greater self they never even knew they had in there. And I like that they give me credit for it, though I was nothing more than a catalyst for what they were already meant to be.

11. I like that I see the world as I would have it be, not necessarily as it is. I see my parents not just for who they are but who they strive to be and how far they came and it makes me admire them all the more instead of blaming them for what I am not. I like my spirit of adventure. And I like that I can find romance in the most mundane of events.

12. I like that I’m fallible because if I was perfect, I’d have nothing to talk about.

This is who I am; the parts of me that make me the happiest, the proudest, the most inspired. As we head into the dark, take a page from my book. Take a moment to reflect upon all that you are, all that you wish to be and how much you have already done to get there. It is Samhain, the time of the harvest. It is the time to reap the bounty of all that you have sown.

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