Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It’s funny now how I can drift so rapidly from nostalgia to anticipation and back. I have had such a wonderful and healing experience here in the Mediterranean; lost a love, lost myself, found myself and rediscovered love in the most unexpected of places. He said something to me which was so powerful and so true. “It’s nice being with you because we’re not working things out or sorting through issues with each other. Everything that we have been through has led us to this moment. And when I’m with you, I’m just with you.” I feel it so viscerally I wish I had said it myself. I don’t think I’ve ever truly been with anyone where I wasn’t sorting things out-not since many years ago, at least. And though this may be fleeting and finite, the impact of it shall be my lifetime; and it just might not be so finite as I thought. Whatever happens, we shall forever be in each other’s lives and hearts in some capacity and forever there will be the memory of one lovely month and one amazing week, unblemished by time or toil. In our memories we will always be in love, young and vibrant and romantic. Perhaps that is better than the reality. I suppose it remains to be seen. But for now, I am once again inspired by romance and beauty and love. And there is no looking back! Was she here, I think my mother would be proud of how I have embraced this grand adventure of a life.

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