Monday, August 22, 2011

An Unexpected Gift

Behind as always but I’ll try to catch up. Firstly, you should know, despite my best efforts I have begun a relationship of some sort with a lovely man who sadly lives 4000 miles away so it is likely finite but exceptionally cool. He is funny, smart and seems to think the world of me, me being part of this mutual admiration society as well and we have a ball together. It began as so many things do over the simplest of circumstances; lost luggage. But there was something there, a commonality worth pursuing. On an evening in one of my more romantic moods, I happened to have a break and decided as the ship would be passing the Isle of Capri to don a dress and wonder the top deck, the wind in my hair, my dress fluttering tantalizingly in the breeze. Well, that was my vision anyway; in truth it probably was more me holding down my skirt and pulling hair off my lip gloss, but I was a goddess in my mind, when for some reason my thoughts turned to him and I really hoped to run into him. Silly, stupid notion, I know. But I did. I looked up and there he was, looking out across the deck at the island; its twilight time lights on the Cliffside like Christmas. I walked up next to him and leaned against the deck and when he turned and saw me, he started and said, “I was just thinking about you.” I laughed, not truly believing it and he continued, “No, I was just wishing you were here and here you are.” Ok, now he had me. That was a bit of magic. So we stood on the deck looking at the island and his hand found mine, his arm found its way around my waist and we stood like this until the sun set and I had to return to work. Now, here’s where the story gets a bit tricky. Of course, we both have been hurt and are immensely cautious at first being that we are both going through some stuff and we live in different countries and I wasn’t really sure what the rules were so we would hang out together as friends, trying not to appear awkward or get caught on surveillance cameras, pretending nothing was happening between us, meeting for walks on the deck and coffee after work. However we always seemed to time it perfectly to walk in on an officers’ meeting or sit in the parade path of the entire steering committee. Finally one night he just said “F*** it” and laid a kiss on me that made me melt.

It is my final week on this ship and my final week in the Mediterranean; I’ve made a new friend here, well, more than a friend. I’ve met someone who I think it clear I was meant to meet if for no other reason than I needed to know I’m whole again and now I know I can return home to close this chapter of my life and begin a new one. I said goodbye to my new friend but one week ago and it feels like a year; time moves so strangely here. I came to the Mediterranean under duress, not even sure I wanted to be here, secretly hoping that I wouldn’t be medically cleared to travel and now I just keep thinking, “What the hell was wrong with me?” Thank you, Universe for this time. Thank you for bringing me to this magical place and for renewing my soul and returning my inspiration. “What the hell is wrong with me?” Apparently, nothing!

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